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Who is Prolift Elevator?

Prolift is the Otis Elevator (exclusive) Distributor for the Cayman Islands.
The local team is made up of a talented group that include Elevator Mechanics, Elevator installers, Elevator Modernization and Service Specialists.



A team with experience

This group of skilled Elevator tradesmen are responsible for most of the elevators installed in the Cayman Islands to date and are now the "A team" for installation/modernization teams used by other companies in various locations in both North America and the Caribbean Islands.


The company Prolift Cayman Ltd was officially open for business in June of 2021 after being contacted by Otis Elevator USA late 2020 to consider the potential of taking over the Otis distributorship in the Cayman Islands that was previously in the hands of Phillips Electric.

The team lead by Al Hayes along with Ricardo Gordon and Statan Clarke had been in talks for some time but felt that the Prolift model needed a quality major brand backing it as to ensure the elevator package was full circle.

When Otis came knocking in late 2020 our waiting for a “best” situation soon came to fruition and after many discussions with Otis USA the office officially opened in June of 2021.


Lifting you up!

A quote by Al Hayes:

“The Elevator business has something in common with the likes of Real Estate in that we have 3 main essentials that are of most importance in having the winning formula.”
“To the Realestate broker on assessing a property….. the 3 most important issues would be
Location………2. Location……..3. Location.
In the elevator business we also have 3 most important items. However they deal with personnel. 1. Talent    2. Talent    3. Talent.

Find it and covet them for a lifetime.”

The dynamic combination of ProLift’s field talent, their upper management experience of having Al Hayes as director and quality control manager of Prolift Cayman, add of having the best elevator equipment in the world OTIS USA. We believe this is the best elevator company Grand Cayman has ever had on it’s shores and possibly throughout the entire Caribbean region.


Let us show you the difference!

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